Testimony of Julian

Testimony from a student of our Summer courses

The Alliance Française de Malte-Méditerranée is proud to receive a testimony from a former student, Julian.

Julian, 16-year-old, studying French for three years.

“During the summer of 2020, I decided to enrol to an online course hosted by the Alliance Française Malte-Méditerranée which would serve as a revision for the work done in Form 4 and to prepare me for my Form 5, as well as the SEC exam. The course also helped me obtain my DELF A2 diploma which was recommended to me by my teacher since it is an internationally recognised certificate of the French language, a very important tool in the world we are living in.

The course, albeit online, was very helpful and together with Ms. Victoria Monseigneur, we covered many examples of DELF-style questions in order to prepare ourselves for the exam. During the course, we were also given the opportunity to answer some difficulties the class had been having and to ask about and discuss several key aspects from the French language. During our lessons, we tackled some grammar points and French culture which would be useful for out SEC examination, only a couple of months away.

In the end, the course proved to be very successful and when the DELF exam came in September, I was well-prepared and got a 92% mark. For me, this is a great privilege of having the opportunity of learning the French language and getting my A2 diploma in less than 24 months. To this, I would like to thank my school teacher, Ms. Isabelle Colin, my teacher at the summer course of Alliance, Ms. Victoria as well as the entire team at the Alliance Française Malte-Méditerranée for the sterling work they do with people of all ages to help them achieve success in the French language, in the same way they managed to help me not only improve my skills in the language but also to make me love the French language even more!”