Our courses

Our courses are aimed at children, teenagers, adults but also professionals and cover all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), from beginner to advanced levels. Our training guarantees quick improvement to acquire mastery of the French language. Our modern, dynamic, and intercultural approach of learning languages is the key to manage oral and written everyday communication.

Our courses offer is very flexible and we do our best to adapt to the specific needs of our students. That is why we offer both online and on site courses.

What Students Say About Us

“Small group is a quite relax and efficient way to study language and get to know the French culture.”

Intensive courses A1.1

“J’aime la France et je veux visiter la capitale !” I love France and I want to visit its capital city !

“The application PrepMyTEF is well structured and easy to use. There is the possibility to complete three exams to simulate the TEF exam’s experience.”

PrepMyTEF Preparation

“The course proved to be very successful and when the DELF exam came in September, I was well-prepared and got a 97% mark.”