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Embroidery Workshop

Create Your Unique Tote Bag ! ✨🧵 

Dive into the world of embroidery with our exciting workshop ! 🌸🎨 


🎯 Objective : Create a personalized embroidery on a tote bag. 

🌟 Several motifs are available for selection (Themes: French phrases or flowers)  

🖌 Choose your motif and thread colors, then transfer it onto your tote bag using a heat erasable pen. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners :

🔍 Explanation of the materials to be used: how to place the hoop, thread specifics, basic stitching techniques… 

All of this, in a cheerful atmosphere, of course! 😊✨ 

Join us for a creative session and let your imagination soar ! 🌈