Summer Course KIDS 3


Modality : 2 x 1h / week – FACE TO FACE 

  • On Tuesdays – from 4:30 to 5:30 pm
  • On Thursdays – from4:30 to 5:30 pm

Start date : June 18th

Price : Members = 230 euros / Non-members = 265 euros 

Textbook : Les Loustics 3 (€39) 


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In this course tailored for children with prior experience in learning French, we aim to further cultivate their interest through engaging and interactive activities. We foster a positive and inclusive environment where each child feels motivated and supported in their language journey.


Throughout this course, your child will be able to :

· Greet, use polite expressions, and bid farewells.

· Tell the date, time, and talk about seasons.

· Identify school supplies and discuss school subjects.

· Talk about someone’s personality.

· Ask and tell age and nationality.

· Discuss family.

· Describe their city, landmarks and give directions.

· Shop and make purchases.

· Talk about zoo animals and describe them.

· Use idiomatic expressions related to animals.

· Discuss hobbies including instruments, sports, etc.

· Describe clothing.

· Talk about vacation activities.


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