KIT PRO – Business French Workshop Jeux Olympiques (Olympics Games)


This workshop will take the form of interactive online sessions to improve your French language skills.

· 12/06/2024 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm – Session 1: Sports and Progress (History)

Major events, small stories in the big story. The representation of the Olympics in French-speaking culture and media will allow us to discover or rediscover those whose careers and exploits have changed society. If sport is a leisure activity, it is also a field where great social advances are being made that are meaningful for all peoples.

· 19/06/2024 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm – Session 2: Sports and Inclusions (Society) 

“Citius, altius, fortius” … “Faster, higher, stronger”. And, since then, 2021 “together”! From the entry of women into the Olympic Games in 1922 to the creation of the Refugee Olympic Team in 2016, including the birth of the post-war Paralympic Games, we set out to meet the sportsmen and women who make the diversity of today’s Games. Unique destinies and powerful stories that testify to the uniqueness of each athlete, their resilience and the surpassing of themselves.

· 26/06/2024 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm – Session 3: Sport and Paris (Civilization Arts and Culture)

Sport and Paris (Civilization Arts and Culture) Ah Paris, the city of lights, love and.. sport! Do you doubt it? Let’s get on board together and walk the streets, spaces, hiding places of Greater Paris where sport is practiced between young and old, amateurs and professionals. Let’s strengthen our legs and our neurons through this sporty and surprising course!


Niveau : À partir du niveau B1

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In collaboration with Alliance Française de Paris

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